While many organizations employ an in-house digital marketing team, the same number is outsourcing, a digital marketing agent dedicated to this job. If you're not interested in the in-house route, there's no end to work from digital marketing agents to established industrial giants to new trendy start-ups that disrupt traditional marketing landscapes.

In this post, we get to know the 4 best digital marketing agents in the world currently. We'll go into some that you can hear, and others you may not have heard. After briefing each other, we'll also share their feelings so you know what to expect!

Best 4 Worldwide Digital Marketing Company:

1. Porter Novelli:

Founded in New York City in 1972, Porter Novelli is a global communications consulting company. Naturally, at this point in time, that involves a huge amount of social media and digital marketing! Specifically, Noveli Porter's focus is destination-managed marketing. Its CEO at the time, Brad McCafee, said: This goal defines an organization's role in society and the authentic value [and] that enables it to grow its business together and make a positive impact on the world.

Back in 2014, the world-famous social media campaign took off with a storm: the Else's Ice Bucket Challenge. If you recall in many ways, participants from around the world filmed themselves pouring buckets of ice water into their heads to raise money for the debilitating disease, lateral amotrophic sclerosis. The Ice Bucket challenge has dominated social media for weeks.

Currently, marketing driven with this objective (where an organization focuses its activities on social causes) is a common trend in digital. But in 2014, it was a very new idea. Porter Novelli doesn't show up with the concept of the Ice Bucket Challenge - it's the idea of ​​two guys named Pat Quinn and Pete Fritz. However, the campaign gains so much momentum that the ALS Association cannot keep up. He hired porters from Novelli to spread awareness about the diseases on social media and to keep the campaign's momentum focused on ALS.

2. Cooker Agency:

Founded in Carlsbad, California in 2006, Stowe is proof that you don't have to be a big player to make waves. A very small agent born after the introduction of the Internet, specifically specializing in digital marketing, digital strategies, design, technology and data analysis. their goal? Help your customers compete for consumers who are online 24/7. They are representatives of many other institutions that compete for places in the digital realm.

Maybe one of the most successful and lengthy marketing campaigns out there is the 'Stratos Jump' Redbull. In this high skydive saw Austrian-Phelph adventure, Felix Baumgatter jumped off the edge of the room before falling back to Earth. It was directly viewed by over 8 million users (which, as of now, remains a straight streaming record for YouTube). While the idea is conceived by a Redbull in-house team (bringing new meaning to the company's slogan, 'Redbull gives you wings') that alone isn't enough to jumpstart the social media madness to keep up.

3. Leo Burnett:

Returning to a well prepared player who now leads the way on digital. Founded in Chicago in 1935, Leo Burnett began his life as an advertising agent. Although it remains a major part of the offer, it cannot last so long without adjusting for time. Now one of the world's leading digital marketing agents, focusing on advertising, marketing and branding (both and offline). Naturally, today and age, this includes digital campaigns as well.

In 2014, Forever (providers of menstrual cleansing products) launched a new social media campaign: #LoseGirl. They know that the word 'like a girl' is often used as an insult. The campaign aims to eliminate gender biased language by promoting the confidence of young women. It involves making viral videos out of young girls who are turned into amazing things like girls. And the digital marketing agent behind the campaign?

4. Carat:

Founded in London in 1968, Caret bravely describes itself as 'the world's first media agency' and has thousands of employees in over 100 countries. Is it excessive or not important - the agency is huge and very successful. Don't take our word for it: In 2021, he was ranked the world's number one agent for the sixth year in a row according to RECMA (a research company that evaluates the media agency industry). Many digital marketing professionals will provide their right foot to work with.

Leo Burnett may have produced one of the most emotional viral videos when it comes to women's problems, but he doesn't have a monopoly on the problem. Highlighting this, in 2012 (before #Likeagirl) Jung took several deep tongue approaches to menstrual cleansing.

On Facebook, someone shares a funny post, complaining that the Bodyform ad is a misunderstanding of the reality of the term. The post went viral again. Although this could easily be overstated, in response, Jung envisions a spoof reaction video from the fictional 'Bodyform CEO' (in fact, P&G is the Bodyform brand). The video reaction also goes viral, with Bodyform receiving the same praise from consumers and the industry.

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