Hello friends, today we will present in front of you about an important word of the dictionary, that word is exhibit whose different aspects and dimensions will be known by different examples, usage and effects, so then let's start moving ahead quickly without talking much. does. Through this post you will understand all those things which cannot be seen elsewhere. So now let's move forward.

Exhibit All Examples in English and New Tips :

Exhibit Full Explain in English :
  • evidence
  • performance
  • show off
Dear friends, here we have tried to explain each and every meaning in detail with different dimensions keeping in mind all of them. We hope that everything will be better understood by the end of this article. We also hope that you understand everything better from here, so now go ahead and start reading every single information faster.

Some Tips of Exhibit in English Explain :      

know each meaning in detail -

- Proof, friends, you must have heard this word in many places like movies, TV shows, news paper or you must have understood it under your personal experience, for example whenever a case comes in the courts, then the lawyers Under presenting the arguments of his parties, the evidence is presented before the judge and finally the verdict is given due to the evidence.

- Demonstration, friends understand about some different kind of situation under it, first in which to deliberately pretend to be physical, mental, emotional etc. in front of someone, regardless of their real form. In the second type, many types of festivals are made in the country of India throughout the year. In which a kind of exhibition and state of energy is seen, in many cases it can be known as natural display.

- Smudge, probably all of you will be well aware of this meaning because it can appear in front of us at some point of time in ordinary life. Friends, we can take it under some forms, first in which clothes are said to be worn when they are said to be dirty because external dust particles get deposited in them.

These dust particles hide the true color of the clothes and become a smudge on the clothes. On the other hand, if a person in the society does some such work which is considered as shame in the society, then this karma is seen as a stain.

- Decorate, friends, all of you must have experienced this meaning in some of the best moments of life because as a human being, there are many aspects in life in which happiness is in different forms. In these, many programs like someone's birthday or marriage are seen in front. You must have been experiencing it since childhood by taking them around you and taking them in better forms. When such a situation occurs, along with the colors of the houses, lights are also installed above, which are very beautiful to see.

Read the effect of each word -

- Evidence, reiterating the examples mentioned above, if we look at it, then we will find that when the trial is going on due to a case in the courts, then the offering of savuto continues. Many times political interference is also seen in these evidences. When a case is put against a politician. In this way, the effects can be seen in negative and positive directions.

- Performance, as we have read above performance in both cases. Just as a coin has two sides, in the same way, their effects are seen showing both the directions, whose effect is visible on the mentality and behavior of the other person.

- Smudge, if seen, friends, we have already understood it in a little detail above, now let's look at the point PR affecting some. When there is a stain on the clothes due to some reason, then there is no much problem and it can be fixed by washing it immediately.

That is, it does not have any significant effect. But on the other hand, if any wrong thing is done by a person towards other people in the society, then all the people will keep distance from him and no one will treat him properly. In this way, the results of the opposite effect are found.

- Decorate, friends, when there is marriage or any good work in the house, then the house is decorated well, this situation will produce the result of positive effect. On the contrary, if not much good is done at that time, then people will start talking about various kinds of things in the society, due to which the feeling of the people will not be good due to the adverse effect on the family. You must have seen countless examples in marriage every year over time.

understand the use of each -

  • Evidence, the need for evidence to prove itself right and win the case in the courts can be seen.
  • Demonstrations understand their position beyond reality and some appearances from it.
  • Blemishes, it is meant to be applied on clothes or work.
  • Decorating, decorating things and houses due to some program can be taken under it.

I hope all your concepts have been cleared from the article. If you understand everything well, then definitely share your experience with your friends. Everyone must have got good information from this post. If you get good benefit, then tell us your experience and suggestions in the comment below and increase our enthusiasm so that we continue to give such wonderful information to you. Follow us soon and add friends as well. Let's meet now.
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